Cadbury has unveiled a new campaign that launches a nationwide search to find the next Milk Tray man.

Kicking off with a new ad, viewers will be treated to the return of one of the Milk Tray men, calling for the nation’s most thoughtful individuals to step up to the mark and apply online for a chance to take this coveted role.

Thirteen years on since the Milk Tray man last appeared on TV screens, he’s back. The new advert, directed by Tomas Skoging, stars actor James Coombes, who played the role of the Milk Tray man in 1987.

Set within a quintessentially British secret spy headquarters, the commercial opens with our 1980s hero in his black polo neck, watching a montage of action scenes from the historic ads. Coombes then reveals a secret passage, featuring framed stills of moments from his heyday that celebrate the different ways the famous box of chocolates have been delivered. All except for the last frame, empty apart from the silhouette of the Milk Tray man. A briefcase waits adjacent to it – ready to be picked up by the next pair of hands.

Coombes then announces: “The search is on. New Milk Tray man, step forward.”

Hortense Foult Rothenburger, senior brand manager at Mondelez International, said: “Since it first launched in 1915, Cadbury Milk Tray has always been the way to treat the woman you love. However, this sentiment has changed over time and with that so must our hero, who now needs to be thoughtful as well as adventurous.

“Our modern Milk Tray Man will know the importance of being caring and considerate, and how delivering a delicious box of chocolates can bring a smile whenever the occasion. Our search for a modern-day leading character is open to anyone that considers themselves to be thoughtful yet daring, and we can’t wait to find this someone – the next Milk Tray Man.”

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