Coca-Cola European Partners (CCEP) is launching Capri-Sun No Added Sugar Orange-Lemon 330ml to help retailers tap into the growing demand for low-calorie juice drinks for immediate consumption.

The new Orange-Lemon flavour will be available from April in a 330ml pouch, and aims to appeal to the brand’s young adult and increasingly health conscious audience.

The launch of the new variant is being backed by a £500,000 digital campaign to appeal to the ‘always-on’ millennial consumer, and an 89p price-marked pack (PMP) will help retailers maximise sales as research shows that almost half (43%) of shoppers claim that they would be more likely to try a new line if it was sold in a PMP.

This new addition forms part of a strategy to offer shoppers more choice through low calorie options, which started with Capri-Sun No Added Sugar 200ml and Capri-Sun Fruity Water 200ml.

Simon Harrison, operational marketing director at CCEP, said: “With consumers increasingly demanding a wider choice of lower calorie soft drink options, we are focusing on the continued development of reduced sugar juice drinks that still offer fruity and exciting flavours.

“Our research has told us that thanks to the wellness trend millennials in particular are on the lookout for healthier juice drinks, meaning it is an ideal time to launch Capri-Sun 330ml No Added Sugar Orange-Lemon to help retailers offer more choice to shoppers.”

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