To meet the demand of the 1.2million vegetarians in the UK, Bonds Confectionery has created Fizzy Sour Dummies, which contain no gelatine, making them suitable for vegetarians.

Due to both ethical and religious reasons, there is a constant demand from consumers for products which meet their requirements. Bonds’ new Fizzy Sour Dummies, which are available for order now, use a patented modified starch to substitute the traditional gelatine usually found in jellied sweets.

Available in 50 gram bags, the new product provides retailers with an exciting addition to Bonds’ 39p Kiddies range. By stocking the new vegetarian Fizzy Sour Dummies, retailers will be attracting a new type of customer.

Philip Courtenay-Luck, managing director of Bonds Confectionery, said: “The initial motivation to develop the new vegetarian Fizzy Sour Dummies was to ensure our range continued to appeal to the widest possible audience. The 39p Kiddies bagged sweets are one of our most popular among retailers; providing them with a range which is simple to merchandise and always in demand.”