Mentos Pure Fresh Gum Bubble Fresh Big Bottle

Growth for Mentos has been driven by its fruit flavours in its Pure Fresh range, the latest data can reveal.

Research from Kantar stated that nearly 40% of this growth is incremental, therefore bringing new shoppers in to till fronts and aisles. Category recovery can also be attributed to people returning to offices and travelling to places of work.

Kim McMahon, product manager at Mentos, said: “There are 30 million gum chewers in the UK, and we’re seeing an increase in fruit gum frequency driven by the introduction of new teenage and young adult shoppers to the category.”

“Our pioneering Mentos Pure Fresh range has led the fruit gum trend for over seven years, delivering invigorating tastes that consumers love. These flavours are relatively unconventional compared with traditional mint, providing that point of difference and indulgence, whilst the sugar free aspect targets the health-conscious too. That’s why we’re investing heavily in the range this year – watch this space! Retailers should consider adding Mentos Pure Fresh Cherry, Tropical and Bubble Fresh to their till points to make the most of this demand.”