Guinness has launched Hop House 13 lager in Great Britain, the latest beer from The Brewer’s Project at St James’s Gate, Dublin.

Following its February launch in Ireland, Hop House 13 now accounts for 2.8% of lager in Ireland, reaching one third of potential stockists after just six months.

The new lager is the fourth release from The Brewers Project, joining Guinness Dublin Porter, Guinness West Indies Porter and Guinness Golden Ale.

Guinness brewer, Peter Simpson who led the development of Hop House 13 said: “I personally enjoy more flavoursome beers, so I wanted to make a lager with lots of character and flavour. After some months of exploring different recipes and collaborating with other brewers at St James’s Gate, we created Hop House 13.”

Nick Curtis-Davis, head of innovation for Guinness, said: “There is huge curiosity, interest and demand for new beers among drinkers nowadays and our brewers are excited to be playing their part in this beer renaissance. We believe Hop House 13 will appeal to premium lager drinkers who are looking for beer with more taste and more character but without compromising on the refreshing taste that lager offers.

“Hop House 13 embodies our passion for brewing, quality and innovation; values that have been at the heart of the Guinness story for over 250 years. The new lager is set to inspire consumers to broaden their beer repertoires and ultimately drive incremental sales into the category. With Hop House 13 now the no.1 selling lager in leading outlets in Ireland, we are incredibly excited to launch our new crafted lager in Great Britain.”

The product will be available in bottled format, as well as in draught pint format. In the off-trade Hop House 13 will have an RRSP of £1.79 for a 330ml bottled format.