Luxury ice-cream brand Häagen-Dazs has announced a partnership with experiential innovators Bompas & Parr, which forms part of a significant brand re-set positioned to target a broader consumer demographic.

The five-pronged experiential, sensory event entitled ‘My Extraordinary Life’ will take place on Friday 19th May at NoHo Studios in London, delivering a one-of-a-kind ice cream immersion.

The activity forms part of a wider £5m marketing investment by the brand to bring new millennial consumers on board, tapping into their quest for unique experiences.

The one-day event takes inspiration from the ‘Instagram generation’ with highly visual, immersive specially built sets designed to help consumers to take the best ice cream photographs ever. Seven sessions will be open to the public, who on arrival will enter a reception area inspired by the new Vanilla and Cookies & Cream colour palettes.

They will then be taken through three experiences – one using crossmodal science to bring new ice cream garnishes to life, another using a thermographic camera to capture hot and cold ice-cream images and an ice cream centre inspired by the strawberry cheesecake flavour.

At the end of their experience, consumers will get to celebrate in the winners’ area where the best ice cream photographer will be crowned on a podium with a bespoke bar on hand to aid the celebrations with Haagen-Dazs inspired canapes and cocktails.

Sam Bompas, founder of Bompas & Parr, commented: “Food is the most photographed subject on the planet with some 208 million posts hashtagged ‘food’ since the app launched in 2010. Every design decision within My Extraordinary Life by Häagen-Dazs is geared to create the ultimate luxury ice cream content for followers’ hungry eyes to celebrate the new exciting brand aesthetic and direction that Häagen-Dazs are taking. I am very excited to bring this immersive modern-day photography experience to life with Häagen-Dazs who are the original trendsetters when it comes to all things ice cream.”

Arjoon Bose, UK and northern Europe marketing lead for Häagen-Dazs, said: “We are thrilled to have Bompas & Parr curating ‘My Extraordinary Life’ which will serve as a key milestone to re-set our future brand direction in the UK. Bompas & Parr is well-known for its ability to bring spectacular brand theatre and immersion to life in the food and drink space so were the perfect partners to drive our brand agenda into the next level of experiential immersion. The event will kick off a compelling marketing programme for Haagen-Dazs taking place over the summer and designed to drive brand re-appraisal for new consumers by dialling up relevancy with a fresh modern brand behaviour, while also injecting excitement for our existing loyal fanbase.”