Halls is launching a new Soothers variant ahead of the cough and cold season.

Available to order now, Halls Soothers with Eucalyptus Oil is a menthol and eucalyptus flavour candy with a liquid centre. 

The new variant is placed at the mid-level of three on the Halls Soothers power meter to help consumers identify it as a solution for their needs. 

The launch aims to drive incremental candy sales during the traditional cough and cold season.

Elena Mallo, senior brand manager for Halls, said: “Worth £17.6m, Halls Soothers is a leading medicated confectionery brand and we are looking to strengthen our position further with a new flavour to offer more choice to consumers.

“We wanted to offer a eucalyptus flavour within the Halls Soothers range to help consumers with its menthol action when they are feeling under the weather.

“We believe this launch provides a real opportunity to inspire purchases and help retailers drive incremental sales within this key winter season.”

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