This summer Tangerine Confectionery, the manufacturer of a wide range of popular retro confectionery lines and Butterkist popcorn, is launching a new brand, Vibe Feel Good popcorn.

The company says Vibe Feel Good popcorn is set to shake up the popcorn market as it pushes the boundaries of ‘health’ in the world of popcorn through using interesting wholesome and natural ingredients that appeal to consumers looking to eat well and live well.

The new popcorn will be available in a 160g sharing bag format at £1.99 (MRRSP) and comes in three flavour variants: Coconut & Cacao, Strawberry and Sweet & Salted Ancient Grains.

The brand has been developed to appeal to the new generation of popcorn snack buyers, particularly younger professionals and health conscious individuals, who choose brands to express themselves.

Made with air popped corn, the selected ingredients are clustered around the popcorn. Vibe Coconut & Cacao uses air-popped corn coated with a hint of honey and balanced combination of toasted coconut and cacao pieces, to deliver a sweet and caramelised flavour, finished off with a bitter note from the cacao.

Vibe Strawberry uses air popped corn coated with a hint of honey and scattered freeze dry strawberry pieces, adding a tangy hit of fresh strawberries to the taste. Vibe Sweet & Salted Ancient Grains adds a blend of muscovado sugar, sea salt and a hint of honey into the coating, and mixes in puffed quinoa and amaranth to create clusters on the outside of the air popped corn. The flavour is a twist on the most popular Sweet & Salted flavour which account for over 30% of total popcorn sales, according to IRI data.

Anjna Mistry, senior brand manager at Tangerine Confectionery, said: “Vibe Feel Good popcorn has been developed following an indepth consumer study into popcorn consumption and behaviours, which identified that within the popcorn category there are two distinct worlds: treat and health.

“Health accounts for around 30% of total popcorn sales and has grown by 12% YOY, with a flux of new entrants focusing on calorie counting, dieting and restricting.

“Today, the health concept has evolved for consumers and goes beyond calorie counting to focus on natural ingredients, less processed foods, balance, moderation and heathy lifestyle.

“We believe that the Vibe brand truly embodies this modern health trend and expresses health in a refreshing and approachable way.”

Vibe Strawberry and Coconut & Cacao will be launching in Asda from the end of April with a period of exclusivity. Vibe Ancient Grains will be available from September.

Vibe Strawberry and Vibe Coconut & Cacao will be available on an exclusive basis in Asda from 29 April before targeting major multiples and key independent retailers from July. Vibe Ancient Grains will be available from September.