KP Snacks is launching Big Hoops Spicy Chilli, capitalising on the growing trend of spicy flavours.

From 4 March the flavour will be available as a £1 price-marked pack and a 50g grab bag.

Jeff Swan, marketing director at KP Snacks, commented: “Hula Hoops is one of the fastest growing brands in the UK, and offers retailers a range of products and formats that work for all occasions and that can be activated across all areas of the store.

“Crisps and snacks remain a vital category within the convenience sector, with 82% of shoppers buying them on impulse. £1 PMP ranges are growing at +15.3% versus non-PMP formats at -2.9%. The demand for PMP formats remaining strong as they provide shoppers with much needed value from the bigger eat they are looking for and offset any potential price perceptions.

“We’re excited to introduce our new and exciting Big Hoops Spicy Chilli flavour, which will both capitalise on the rising trend of sharing as well as the preference for spicy flavours. We’re confident this new flavour will help drive retailer and consumer interest in the brand.”