Imperial Tobacco has unveiled three enhancements to its JPS cigarette (FMC) range, which will launch nationwide in early 2018.

The new ‘Firm Filter’ technology is being applied to all JPS full flavour variants. Imperial Tobacco describes this as a premium feature in an economy sector brand, and says the upgraded filter enhances the smoking experience by retaining the perfect shape, a key feature requested by consumers.

JPS Silver’s previous filter tip is superseded by its ‘Smooth Filter’, featuring flow channels that deliver a smoother taste. New JPS Silver Stream also features paper designed to create less smoke.

And JPS Green has become JPS Green Edge, which features amenthol inner liner within the packaging that is more effective at transferring flavour to the cigarettes than traditional menthol tips.

JPS Real Blue featuring Firm Filter, JPS Silver Stream and JPS Green Edge will all be available from January 1 in both King Size and Superkings 20s at RRPs of £8.30.

Imperial Tobacco brand manager Stephen Phillips commented: “These innovations to the JPS portfolio demonstrate how Imperial is leading the way in the tobacco category, delivering sophisticated product innovation in a post-standardised packaging environment that meets the needs of our consumers and delivers continued profitability to our retailers.”

“JPS is a key brand in our portfolio, with its variants currently commanding an overall FMC sector share of over 5%. We’re confident that JPS Real Blue, JPS Silver Stream and JPS Green Edge will be ‘must stocks’ in UK retailers’ gantries.”