Imperial is adding two new Superkings to its growing crushball range, JPS Player’s Superkings Crushball and L&B Blue Ice Crushball Superkings.

JPS Player’s Superkings Crushball bolsters the portfolio of the factory made cigarette (FMC) brand, while L&B Blue Ice Crushball Superkings is a menthol-lined cigarette that also contains a crushball – a first for the L&B brand.

Brand manager Madeleine Pearce commented: “Crushball is an increasingly attractive choice to an ever growing proportion of adult smokers, and these two new launches consolidate our strong existing proposition in the sector.

“JPS Player’s Superkings Crushball and L&B Blue Superkings Ice Crushball are also both positioned in the popular sub-economy pricing segment, with RRPs of £8.00 representing real value for money.

“Combined, JPS Players and L&B Blue account for almost one in five factory made cigarette sales in the UK, and we’re looking forward to seeing how our adult smoker customers react to these exciting new crushball offerings.”

JPS Player’s Superkings Crushball and L&B Ice Crushball Superkings will launch across the independent channel on 1 August.