JTI is unveiling a new look across the Holborn Smooth Taste range. Reinforcing the brand’s position within the Value RYO (roll your own) category, the modernisation will see a new yellow pack design as well as a change in name from Holborn Smooth Taste to Holborn Yellow.

Maintaining the same quality tobacco blend, the house modernisation will provide a brighter, contemporary look that will feature two rotational inner designs explaining the origins of the Holborn name and its elephant motif.

From mid-October the new packs will be available across all channels in 9g, 20g (non-PMP and PMP) and 40g SKUs, all including papers. Bespoke pos and promotions within the wholesale channel will support the refresh, including an offer of £5 off when retailers buy an outer of either Holborn Yellow 9g or 20g. This promotion will be widely available from wholesalers across the UK throughout November for 3-4 weeks.

Jeremy Blackburn, JTI head of communications, commented: “As a long-standing success story for retailers, Holborn has become a brand synonymous with both quality and value for existing adult smokers.

“Representing 32.5%, RYO remains the largest sector within the UK tobacco category, with Value RYO driving its growth. New look Holborn Yellow will ensure retailers continue to capitalise on the growing profit opportunity of Value RYO.”

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