Building on its Celebrate the Breakers Breaks campaign, Nestlé Confectionery’s flagship brand KitKat has announced its first major event of 2016. The KitKat initiative ‘The Break Off’ celebrates the rituals consumers have when eating their KitKat and will feature activity across the brand’s entire portfolio.

To celebrate these rituals and inspire the nation to enjoy more break occasions during the day, for a limited time only all KitKat packs will feature a series of fun messages tailored to suit consumers of each format.

For example, singles and multipacks of KitKat 4 Finger Milk will be flashed with ‘The Snapper’ whilst KitKat Chunky Milk is ‘The Chomper’. KitKat 2 Finger biscuits packs will be flashed with messages such as ‘The Dunker’ driving excitement into the biscuits category and KitKat Snap & Share blocks will be ‘The Sharer’.

In addition KitKat is launching two new limited edition flavours designed to fit in with many consumers’ favourite rituals. KitKat 4 Finger Vanilla can be stirred into coffee to give a vanilla latte flavour with the pack flashed ‘The Stirrer’, while KitKat Chunky Extra Chocolate will be flashed with ‘The Nibbler’ and is perfect for a nibbler to nibble off the extra thick layer of chocolate.

The KitKat brand will be backed with a major communications campaign with Celebrate the Breakers Breaks TV adverts back on air throughout the year, with the first burst commencing on January 18th.

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