B&H Dual and B&H Silver are introducing Limited Edition Packs (LEPs) for four weeks from July, while stocks last, available across all channels nationwide.

Across packs of King Size 20s, the LEPs showcase the innovative side of both brands, as packs take on an urban style with music inspired designs, ensuring relevance is maintained among smokers.

Jeremy Blackburn, JTI head of communications, commented: “Benson and Hedges is the most recognisable tobacco brand in the UK, known for its quality. With both brands in the sub- premium segment, and B&H Dual currently the fastest growing sub-premium brand, these LEPs will provide a generous profit opportunity and therefore are a must stock for retailers.”

The RRP across both SKUs will be the same as standard packs (£8.35), and price-marked packs will also be available.

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