Nestlé Confectionery has announced the launch of a new limited editionfor its Yorkie chocolate bar range – Yorkie Peanut.

The chunky chocolate bar has been crammed with roasted peanuts, creating a limited edition bar to appeal to the brand’s target audience of 25-34-year-old men. The new bar will be available from 13th October and has an RRP 60p.

Nestlé UK spokesperson James Maxton said: “The Yorkie brand has been experiencing fantastic growth delivering a 36% value sales increase in both 2012 and 2013.

“This not only makes Yorkie the fastest growing hunger brand in the UK but also the only hunger brand to grow in value sales and share consistently over the past three years, thus making it a key brand for retailers to support and stock up on.”

He added that 73% of Yorkie bars are bought by men, making new Yorkie Peanut an excellent opportunity to attract even more of this hard-to-reach target audience to the category.

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