From 16 March M&M’s will be launching a character election campaign, calling for the public to vote for their favourite M&M.

Brown, Red and Yellow M&M’s will be fighting to stand out, each having their own pack on singles, as well as pouches, across Peanut M&M’s, Chocolate M&M’s and Crispy M&M’s. The public will be able to vote for their favourite by visiting M&M’s Facebook page.

To support the campaign, Mars Chocolate is providing retailers with point of sale materials, which complement the campaign activities, such as a bespoke M&M’s Character Election TV advert. Retailers are advised to ask their rep for advice and POS materials to create an impactful display in store.

Bep Dhaliwal, trade communications manager Mars Chocolate UK, said: “We’re so delighted to see that the M&M’s brand is in such strong growth, and with the launch of Ms Brown and the Character Election, we can only expect this to continue.

“We’re confident that coming at the same time as the general election the M&M’s characters will be picking up on the most topical subjects in a fun way, making their election a hit with consumers across the UK. We recommend retailers to stock up early on the special packs, support the campaign with POS to create some in-store theatre, and of course voting for their favourite character themselves.

“The M&M’s election campaign is sure to be a hit with consumers, as over the last five years M&M’s has contributed more to bitesize growth than any other brand.”

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