Philip Morris has launched a product feature for Marlboro, which it describes as part of its pursuit of quality.

Marlboro Red, Gold and Silver Blue KS 20s have been upgraded to ‘Pro-Seal’, which combines cutting-edge technology with a new round cornered look to ensure maximum freshness.

Pro-Seal follows other innovations for Marlboro such as like Firm Filter and Less Smoke Smell.

It is designed to keep the last cigarette in the pack as fresh as the first, by replacing the foil wrap, which adult smokers rip off and throw in the bin, with a seal that reseals the pack every time it closes.

Managing director for the UK and Ireland, Martin Inkster commented: “Marlboro is the clear leader in the premium segment here in the UK. Marlboro always leads the way and the UK is the first market in the world to transition Marlboro core variants to this innovative packaging design in order to ensure that adult smokers get the most premium smoking experience possible. Pro-Seal will set Marlboro apart from its competition, strengthen Marlboro’s brand credentials and most significantly, contain the world’s best-selling cigarette range, keeping every cigarette as fresh as the first.”

Ebru Alpay Oraman, marketing director for the UK and Ireland, added: “Marlboro has the highest brand equity for UK adult smokers and is the global No.1 since 1972. It is a brand known for being forever forward, as shown by Marlboro’s history and premium position in the UK and its innovative previous Marlboro 2.0 packaging upgrade.

“With such a crucial time ahead, we are investing in the brand to ensure it continues to deliver premium margins for retailers and the highest smoking quality for adult smokers.

“What does Pro-Seal do? For many people, it’s not the 2nd, 3rd or even 1,000th time they see, do or taste something that feels the best, it’s the first. It is the first cup of fresh coffee in the morning, the first time you put on a freshly-laundered shirt or the first step you take on a snowy mountain where no one has gone before. All of these can leave a person wishing they could relive that moment again and again. Now, with Marlboro Pro-Seal they can because it’s innovative seal locks in the freshness and prevents the tobacco from going stale. In fact, only Marlboro Pro-Seal keeps the last cigarette as fresh as the first.”

Pro-Seal will be communicated to retailers via Philip Morris’s national field sales force, explaining the unique innovation and helping to drive awareness and premium market share.

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