Naked is launching a range of cold-pressed juices.

A relatively new process for chilled fruit juice, the cold press technique locks in the flavour and vitamins of fruit and veg, which is then bottled, and it also provides an extended shelf life compared to regular fresh juices, without compromising taste.

The new range of Naked Pressed comes in a choice of 250ml or 600ml formats (RSP: £2.29/ £3.79) and three flavours: Bright Green (apple, cucumber, lettuce, spinach, courgette, celery, lemon, wheatgrass); Lively Carrot (carrot, apple, orange, cucumber, lemon, vanilla, turmeric); and (600ml only )Bold Beets (beet, carrot, apple, cucumber, lemon, ginger).

Sally Groult, senior innovation manager for Naked Juice, commented: “Our brand is all about the latest ingredients, convenience and premium taste, so we’re delighted to be introducing Naked Pressed into the chilled fruit juice category. Naked has also grown phenomenally since its launch in 2007, so we’re confident that Naked pressed will be a hit and inject value into the cold press segment.

“We also know that consumers have their finger on the pulse when it comes to new juice trends, so it’s important that we are continuing to offer the latest innovation, while putting our own ‘trendy’ twist on it.”