Nestle Confectionery has unveiled its plans for Easter 2017.

Leading the range are two new products that utilise digital technology to give children an extra element of fun and entertainment with their Easter chocolate. The new Smarties 3D Activity pack contains a Smarties Chocolate Chick, three Smarties bars, two Smarties eggs and a pack of four pencils. Using the free app consumers will be able to scan their coloured picture of an Easter bunny and watch it come alive. The Milkybar 3D Activity pack comes complete with a Milkybar Bunny, four Milkybar chocolate bars, two Milkybar eggs and four coloured pencils. Consumers will be able to use the app to see their coloured picture of the Milkybar Kid come to life. Both packs have an RRP of £4.00 and follow on from the success of the digital concept on Nestlé packs at Christmas.

New to the general market for 2017 is the Milkybar Egg Hunt pack which contains eight small foiled white chocolate eggs. It will join the Smarties Egg Hunt pack which was No.3 in the market in 2016. It contains eight small foiled chocolate eggs filled with mini Smarties. Both RRP £3.99.

Also new this spring is the Milkybar Chick in Egg. This features a foil-wrapped white chocolate egg complete with a white chocolate chick inside.

Also new for 2017; the Milkybar Bunnies 5 pack and Smarties Bunnies 5 pack, feature five hollow chocolate bunnies, each with a unique foil design (RRP £1.99).

Once again in the range this spring are the Smarties Hen House and Milkybar Milkybarn packs (RRP £4.99), which together grew 8% in 2016and the Milkybar small egg.

This year’s medium egg range from Nestlé includes KitKat Chunky, Smarties, Aero Bubbles and Rolo. The latter three will all benefit from a redesign for 2017 which communicate that the sweets are inside the chocolate egg.

In the adult egg range are four chocolate Inclusion eggs. These are eggs that excite the senses, having the same taste and texture as the core product thus providing consumers with their favourite treat in an innovative format. This year the Matchmakers Cool Mint egg, Matchmakers Zingy Orange egg and Milkybar Milk & Cookies egg have been joined by the brand new Quality Street Honeycomb Crunch egg. All Inclusion eggs RRP £3.00.

The mug eggs from KitKat Chunky, Yorkie and Toffee Crisp are back for 2017, as is Yorkie Digger Retro Egg (RRP £5.61). The Lion Bar Retro Egg (RRP £5.61) comes complete with 3D packaging.

New to the general market for 2017 is the Lion Collection giant egg. This egg features a large milk chocolate egg alongside three Lion Bars (two milk chocolate Lion bars and one peanut Lion bar). The Lion Collection giant egg will join the KitKat Chunky giant egg – as well as the Nestlé Caramel Collection giant egg, Aero Selection giant egg and Yorkie giant egg (all RRP £7.49).

Completing the 2017 Nestlé Easter range are premium eggs from Black Magic, Dairy Box and After Eight (all RRP £9.99). Launched in 2015, they target the gap in the market for older more affluent shoppers. The After Eight Premium Egg features a large mint flavoured dark chocolate egg complete with a 300g box of After Dinner Mints.

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