Nestlé Confectionery’s chocolate brand Aero is to launch a new indulgent Aero Mousse chocolate bar.

Aero Mousse will be launched in both a single impulse bar, available from 18th May (RRP 62p), as well as a 150g sharing block, available from 1st June (RRP £2.00). Each bar will consist of bubbly Aero chocolate, topped with a layer of velvety chocolate mousse, all wrapped up in a smooth milk chocolate shell.

The bars are designed to appeal to women who are constantly on the go but value a small moment and reward for themselves.

The launch will be supported by a £2.2m media campaign. The heavyweight out-of-home campaign will launch on 15th June and will be focused on six sheet posters in close proximity to retailers as well as throughout the transport network (rail, underground and buses). In addition there will be large formats in city centres and shopping malls. It will also feature a digital campaign via Facebook, which will go live from 1st June.

A Nestlé UK & Ireland spokesperson said: “Aero Mousse has been created in response to an increased desire and trend from consumers to experience something that goes beyond the norm when it comes to indulging in chocolate confectionery. The Aero chocolate and mousse layers within the product deliver two different textures within one bite and, as the product melts, we believe it will satisfy the need for an indulgent chocolate pleasure hit. And what’s more, because it’s Aero, it won’t leave consumers feeling heavy and weighed down afterwards.

“Therefore our advice for retailers is - with a heavyweight media campaign to support the launch shoppers are certain to be looking for Aero Mousse in store, and then once they’ve tried the product they will be returning to buy more - be sure to stock up with plenty of product from launch and display off-shelf in order to maximise sales.”

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