FireStar is a new energy product that is small enough to fit in a wallet, only contains 10 calories, and is claimed to offer a sustained energy boost that improves mental and physical performance for up to four hours.

Andrew Guise, who devised Firestar, comments: “FireStar represents the smart choice for consumers who need to perform at their best thoughout the day or night but who want an intelligent alternative to energy drinks, which doesn’t lead to diabetes and obesity.

He adds: “It contains twice the energy giving properties found in a single can of Red Bull but without all the unnecessary sugar that the drink uses to mask the unpleasant taste of its numerous additives. FireStar releases energy slowly over time so there is no huge rush and no crash, just sustained energy to make you feel clear-headed and energised. Simply put, it is a much smarter solution.”

Retailers can order online to get enhanced terms. There is a rewards system that gives each retailer their own code. The code gives other retailers 10% off but also gives the account holder 10% cashback from all orders put through on that code. Guide says: “So encourage five friends to buy online and you effectively get your stock for free.”

FireStar retails at £1 and is available in Cola, Cherry and Mint flavours and in two strengths – two hours and FireStar Max which lasts up to four hours.