Nicoccino, a product that enables users to enjoy an instant nicotine sensation when they can’t or don’t want to smoke traditional cigarettes or e-cigarettes, has launched into the UK.

Developed over 10 years, Nicoccino is a leaf-thin natural film which contains 1mg of pure nicotine, equivalent to one regular strength cigarette. Placing a Nicoccino film underneath the upper lip and onto the gum enables an immediate transfer of nicotine from the film into the bloodstream, delivering a powerful nicotine effect.

Nicoccino provides a unique offering to smokers by delivering nicotine without tobacco, tar and the anti-social smell associated with smoking. The product is made using only natural ingredients with an alginate base and is produced to exacting pharmaceutical standards in factories in the US and Europe.

The product is available via Nicoccino’s e-commerce website.

Michel Bracke, CEO of Nicoccino, commented: “We are certain that Nicoccino will create a real impact in the UK market, as it’s the first time that a pure nicotine containing product has been created for smokers which truly delivers an instant effect and can be used whenever, wherever. We are confident that consumers, retailers and businesses alike will be excited by the opportunity that Nicoccino has to offer this evolving market sector.”

Nicoccino is priced at £4.99 for one pack of 10 films or £39.99 for a pack of 90 films.