Peperami, the meaty snack brand owned by Jack Link’s, is launching a new pack design and outer case format to increase brand awareness, shelf presence and drive sales.

The new pack design is intended to improve distinctiveness and standout in-store - the messaging has been simplified and the logo has a greater impact on pack.

The new outer case design will help to increase visibility in-store by merchandising the Peperami stick vertically as opposed to horizontally. When stacked, multiple cases will create a block of the brand’s distinctive green to boost prominence on the shelf.

For the impulse and convenience sector, Peperami has created a design which offers three ways of merchandising depending on shelf space: vertically – to maximise pack visibility, wide side in front – to achieve strong case stand out, and short side front facing – if there is limited shelf space.

Pavan Chandra, senior marketing manager at Peperami, said: “We’re always trying to think of innovative new ways to increase brand awareness and drive sales - whether that be investing in PR or marketing activity, having an on-pack promotion or by updating the brand image.

“The design hasn’t changed fundamentally over the years but it had evolved and become more complex, less distinctive and therefore less impactful in-store. In a bid to focus on increasing in-store visibility we have stripped the design back to the core messaging and core distinctive assets.”