PG tips is adding two new price-marked packs to The Tasty Decaf range.

PG tips developed The Tasty Decaf to bring taste back to decaf tea, in direct response to consumer feedback. Decaffeination can often result in a weak and unsatisfying cuppa. PG tips The Tasty Decaf uses a natural flavour inspired by the PG tips tea gardens in Kericho, Kenya, and has been designed to provide consumers with a rich, rounded taste, allowing them to enjoy a regular cup of PG tips without the caffeine.

Jeannie Richardson, PG tips brand manager at Unilever, commented: “We know consumers are always looking for cost-effective ways to shop, but don’t want to compromise on the quality of their purchases. Nearly half of shoppers are more likely to buy a price-marked pack as they feel as though they are being charged the right amount, which in turn helps retailers to build a sense of confidence and trust among their customers.

“PG tips is driving penetration of decaf into the category, and we’re giving retailers the opportunity to capitalise on this through our new price-marked packs offering.”

PG Tips The Tasty Decaf is available in 35s PMP (RRP £1.69) or 70s PMP (RRP £2.65).