Premier Foods is investing in the ‘On the Go’ cake sector with the launch of brand new pack formats and a dedicated Cake on the Go team to drive new growth opportunities for its Mr Kipling and Cadbury Cake brands.

The new Cake on the Go range is available now across all channels and includes Mr Kipling twin pack slices in three best-selling flavours; Angel, Chocolate and Lemon Layered, in addition to Cadbury Mini Rolls twin packs.

Sarah O’Neill, head of the new Cake on the Go team, commented: “Mr Kipling and Cadbury lead the cake category and we believe the entry of our well-loved brands in the expanding On the Go market will help drive further category growth.

“Out of home snacking is a large and growing market but cake only represents 5% currently. The twin pack formats for Mr Kipling and Cadbury Cakes provide a point of difference and are ideal to meet consumer demand for a quick top-up snack to keep you going. The opportunity is huge, particularly for convenience retailers as people continue to shop little and often at their local store.”

With a recommended retail price of 89p, Premier Foods is confident that the price point will attract shoppers and price-marked twin packs will be introduced later this year for convenience retailers.

O’Neill added: “The in-store trials we ran with our branded PoS kits saw a strong rate of sale and we received really positive feedback from retailers. They found that their customers were purchasing the twin packs to enjoy one cake on the go, and the other cake later in the day, so the formats are a great way to help manage portion control.

“One store even saw the Mr Kipling Angel Slice twin packs outsell a number of leading confectionery brands, which is very encouraging given the different price points of the products. Cake delivered additional value as a result.

“Convenience retailers were pleased to have the opportunity to stock well-known brands such as Mr Kipling and Cadbury Cakes in a snack size format for on the go consumption. The branded counter top and hook over units we have available take up minimal space, but are impactful and stand out to shoppers.”

The launch of the Cake on the Go range will be supported by in-store and in-depot activation, in addition to outdoor advertising and an ITV sponsorship from June. A new 10-strong, dedicated Cake on the Go team is being recruited to support the business.

Following the initial roll-out, next steps will be to launch Mr Kipling Exceedingly Good Orange, Cranberry and Oat Slices in twin packs.

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