Pringles is aiming to drive sales in early 2018 with an on-pack promotion offering shoppers the chance to “Take a Bite and Win a Flight” to one of hundreds of European destinations. 

A simple competition process will be communicated across the full range of Pringles, including Tortilla, 40g cans and stand-out POS, telling shoppers to “snap and share” a photo of them eating the chips for the chance to win.

Kellogg’s impulse sales lead, Simon Smith, commented: “People start to think of their summer holidays as soon as January hits so this promotion will be a great way to grab shoppers’ attention.

“Visibility is key for Pringles sales so the visuals on-pack and eye-catching displays will be essential for retailers looking to take advantage.

“We have a big range of POS and plenty of tips to help retailers sell the promotional cans in store - all available on our customer advice site”

The promotion will run until the end of April.