Ribena Light is expanding its portfolio of no added sugar products with the launch of Ribena Light Pineapple & Passion fruit from 29th February.

Lucozade Ribena Suntory says there will be a new £6m marketing campaign to drive awareness of its Ribena Light range. Ribena Light will be the main focus of TV advertising throughout the year, with a particular focus on Ribena Light Blackcurrant, which, it reports, has outperformed the Original Blackcurrant product in blind taste tests and has a higher repeat purchase rate.

Ribena marketing director Georgina Thomas said: “Ribena Light is for consumers of any age who never miss an opportunity to embrace the joy in the every day. We take consumer calorie consumption seriously and we are constantly expanding our portfolio of products to offer people healthier choices without compromising on taste.

“Ribena Light Pineapple & Passion fruit and Ribena Light Blackcurrant are strong examples of how we’re achieving this and demonstrate our commitment to reducing sugar while maintaining Ribena’s unique, much-loved, fruity flavour.”

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