Silk Cut is launching ‘Crystal Cut Glass’ limited edition packs nationwide.

The packs are available in the UK from mid-May, and are designed to reflect the premium quality Virginia tobacco in Silk Cut, using holographic print techniques to portray five crystal cut glass pattern designs.

Jeremy Blackburn, JTI head of communications, commented: “One of the top 10 selling FMCG brands in the UK, Silk Cut has a heritage founded on providing existing adult smokers with tobacco of exceptional quality.

“Over its long history, Silk Cut has consistently innovated in the premium cigarette sector, which continues to hold a substantial share of the RMC market. Silk Cut’s creative limited editions have included V-Shaped packs, tins and op-art covers. The crystal cut glass LEPs continue this proud tradition and provide retailers with an opportunity to maximise profits from the premium segment.”

The range will be available across all channels with an RRP of £9.61.

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