Smirnoff Vodka is rolling out enhanced and redesigned packaging for its No. 21 bottle, to increase on-shelf standout and deliver a more premium and modern experience for consumers.

The new design is intended to provide a clear and impactful new look for the brand while keeping true to its heritage. The Smirnoff eyebrow has been increased and is now the most prominent feature on the bottle, while the new label includes added texture and contemporary typography to create a modern feel. A new footer label features the Smirnoff shield, crown and signature, emphasising the heritage of the brand.

The updated look and feel of the brand’s flagship product will also be reflected across all point of sale and promotional materials.

To support the redesign, Smirnoff will be carrying out a £4.5m brand campaign. The ‘We’re Open’. campaign is designed to increase brand recognition and highlight Smirnoff as a brand which celebrates inclusive communities.

Julie Bramham, marketing drector for Smirnoff Western Europe, said: “This is a really exciting period for Smirnoff and we’re looking forward to seeing the new packaging on store shelves and in bars and restaurants across Europe in the coming months. The new design was borne from a desire to reflect some of our amazing 151-year history, while also wanting to include a nod to the contemporary spirit and vibrancy of our drinkers. We feel the new design really bring this to life in a way which delivers brilliant shelf standout and hope that the 17.7 million people who drink Smirnoff across Europe will agree.”