Smirnoff has partnered with Kiesza and Djemba Djemba making their latest song Give It To The Moment, the music for the #WhatWeBring movement. Everyone around the world is now being invited to contribute, collaborate and bring whatever it is they bring to make good times better.

The Give It To The Moment video embodies the #WhatWeBring movement capturing and celebrating diversity in all its forms – different ages, races, genders, sexuality, cultures and styles. The video is a montage of storylines including a same-sex wedding celebration on a crowded Bangkok street involving revellers from all walks of life.

“We see a global generation emerging who simply believe the world should be a more inclusive place. At Smirnoff, we believe that too. #WhatWeBring is more than a single music track, and more than a new product release. With it we’re aiming to create a global social movement that is driven by Smirnoff’s core purpose – inclusivity.

“We’ve partnered with a host of like-minded international artists and storytellers, with Kiesza and Djemba Djemba’s unique collaboration on the song Give It To The Moment giving rhythm to the movement,” said VP global content smirnoff Tim Parkinson.