Sunmagic, which produces a range of 100% pure fruit juice, smoothies and juice drinks, is launching two new premium juice ranges as it taps into the growing consumer trend for healthier soft drinks.

The first new range is Sunmagic’s first Not From Concentrate (NFC) fruit juice range and comes in three flavours: Seriously Smooth Orange; Orange Juice with Juicy Bits; and Cloudy Pressed Apple Juice. The drinks are packaged in 1 litre Elopak Curve cartons and specialist aseptic unit packaging means that they can be supplied and stored as ambient before chilling in the fridge ready for the consumer. The Sunmagic NFC Fruit Juice range is available to all channels of the trade with an RSP of £2 per 1 litre carton.

The second range is a Coldpressed range which uses High Pressure Processing technology (HPP) to extend the shelf life from seven to 45 days. The Sunmagic Coldpressed HPP range comes in Freshly Squeezed Orange and Coldpressed Pressed Cloudy Apple Juice and is available in 250ml PET bottles for both variants, while the Orange variant also comes in a 750ml PET bottle.

Razin Ali, Sunmagic’s brand manager, says: “We are very excited to be launching our two new juice ranges, both of which respond to trade and consumer demand for high quality healthy juice ranges which provide exceptional quality and taste as well as value for money.

“The Sunmagic NFC range is available in the three most popular NFC flavours, so is guaranteed to resonate with consumers of NFC products. The Freshly Squeezed range will allow drinkers to enjoy freshly squeezed juice which tastes as good on the last day of its life as the first, and also contains all the nutrients it contained straight after squeezing.”

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