Tangerine Confectionery is launching Sweet Champions Chews Assortment, a selection its chews.

It’s the first time that the branded collection of Fruit Salad, Wham and the reintroduced Mojo Cola chew have been brought together in one pack.

The new product will be available in a 180g sharing bag as well as in a 150g £1 price marked pack, from the beginning of June.

Adrian Hipkiss, head of marketing at Tangerine Confectionery, said: “We have a number of highly iconic and differentiated brands within our portfolio which evoke a sense of nostalgia amongst consumers who fondly remember them from their childhood, as well as appealing to younger consumers with their unique and exciting taste experiences.

“We know that our loyal customers love variety and Sweet Champions Chews showcases the individual flavours and textures of each sweet, enabling them to enjoy the unmistakeably fruity taste of Fruit Salad, the tangy Mojo Cola and the original, tongue tingling Wham in one assorted pack.

“Our unique Sweet Champions range is inherently colourful, fun-filled and offers unrivalled choice and variety to our customers, whatever their preference for the flavour, texture and taste sensation.”

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