Thorntons is returning to TV screens for the first time in six years with the tagline “Pass the love on” – aiming to show that every product is “lovingly crafted” and perfect for sharing.

The new advert, the first since Thorntons was taken over by Ferrero, is being supported by a $4.8m media campaign spanning TV, VOD, press and in-store theatre.

Emma Colquhoun, regional category director at Ferrero, said: “A lot of attention goes into our Thorntons chocolates; that human touch. We know that the one thing that matters in life is showing our nearest and dearest how much they mean to us. This November we’ll be focusing on getting Britain to pass the love on.

“Starting with TV, we’ll show the nation how much craft and care goes into each and every Thorntons product. From the chocolate maker, to stores across the country, to the shopper, and from the shopper to the ones they love. Our print, social, and mobile elements of the campaign will get people involved, while showing off our delicious chocolate craftsmanship at the same time.

“We’ll be passing the love on in store too, with nationwide sampling and shopper media set to reignite the passion and popularity that has made Thorntons one of the most trusted confectionery brands here in the UK.”

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