Ice cream manufacturer Froneri is hoping to drive further growth in the ice lolly category with three new additions to its Nestle Rowntree’s range.

The three new lollies from Froneri - Watermelon, Pastille Push Up and Fruit Blaster - have been designed to be fun products with a strong fruit flavouring that will appeal to people of all ages.

Watermelon (rrp £1) is shaped like a watermelon slice. It has a high juice content and chocolate ‘seeds’  as well as being visually appealing, and is designed to be refreshing in both summer and winter.

The Fruit Pastille Push Up (rrp £1) is a new format for Froneri’s Rowntrees lollies that capitalises on the popularity of the flavours within the confectionary range. The lollies come in strawberry, tropical and blackcurrant flavour.

Fruit Blaster (rrp £1.20) combines the popularity of a fruity ice lolly with a fun toy as the lolly stick can be used as a water pistol. The mix of twisting, fruity flavours and the engaging design is designed to drive universal appeal and interest with consumers.

Charlotte Hambling, head of UK Marketing for Froneri, said: “Our lollies have enjoyed enormous success but we’re continually looking for new ways to create excitement in the frozen aisle and attract even more shoppers. We focus on ensuring that all of our lollies have strong fruit flavours and create a sense of fun, so they can be enjoyed by people of any age.

“The market for lollies has changed over the last few years, we’ve seen that they’re experiencing organic growth in both summer and winter. We’ve done a lot of work to examine when and why people are eating ice lollies and have seen that consumers are choosing ice lollies because they’re seen as more of a permissible treat for younger members of the family. They also work well at home for families because they’re convenient and easy to share out. Lollies have been a great success story for us and can be for retailers who need to ensure they’re stocking them throughout the year and take advantage of the many eating occasions they play into.”

In order to support the continued growth of the Nestle Rowntree’s ice lolly portfolio, Froneri is investing £400k to drive awareness of the new additions. Marketing activity will be available throughout the shopper journey, bringing the sense of fun from the range to life through in-store activity and POS.