Ferrero is launching a new trade promotion this January offering convenience and independent retailers the opportunity to win a three-night trip to New York.

The ‘Win a trip to the Big Apple’ trade promotion follows the successful launch of tic tac Apple Burst in January 2014, now worth £1.18m. Alongside this, 50 runner-up retailers will be presented with best in class point of sale kits to help maximise sales of tic tac and drive growth for the sugar confectionery category.

For a chance to win, retailers will need to purchase a promotional case of tic tac which, from January, will all include a ‘Win a trip to the Big Apple’ scratchcard with a unique code. The code must then be entered onto the Ferrero trade website where retailers will be immediately informed if they have been successful in winning either of the prize options.

Each case, which includes a countertop display, will contain the three fruit variants, Apple Burst, Strawberry Fields and Lime & Orange plus free Fresh Mint tic tacs which Ferrero says are worth £13.20 at retail prices.

“By offering retailers this fantastic opportunity we are taking the trade promotion landscape away from just offering free stock and giving retailers something that they can genuinely get excited about. We want to reward retailers for their hard work and commitment to the tic tac brand while at the same time helping to drive growth for the sugar confectionery category,” comments Levi Boorer, customer development director.

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