Wrigley is adding a juicy new flavour to the Skittles range, with the launch of Skittles Tropical.

Available to retailers from January 25, Skittles Tropical single bags (55g), hanging bags (125g), and sharing pouches (174g) will provide retailers with Skittles from the tropical rainbow, with flavours including orange, passion fruit, tropical punch, watermelon, and pineapple. The hanging bags will include a price-marked pack of £1 RRP.

Skittles Tropical is a bestselling Skittles flavour in the US, and UK consumers voted it as the product they would most like to see added to the existing £38m Skittles range. It is expected to deliver +1.5% fruit confectionery category growth.

Forming part of the brand’s £multi-million investment for 2016, the launch will be supported with a new television commercial featuring a rainbow eating giraffe on a beach along with the strap line ‘Discover the Rainbow, Taste the Rainbow’. The brand’s digital campaign will reach over 10 million people, while in-store execution will also support the launch phase.

Dan Newell, Wrigley Confections marketing manager, said: “Tropical flavour has always been popular in the UK. As such, it represents a huge sales opportunity for retailers to keep up-to-date with the latest flavour trend in the fruit confectionery category.”