Sandwich brand Urban Eat, has unveiled two limited-edition autumn seasonal sandwiches as part of its expanded collection.

Squash’d sandwich contains roasted butternut squash with caramelised onion chutney and rosemary mascarpone, and Herby Chicken is roast chicken breast with herby houmous, tomatoes, Regato cheese, mayonnaise and salad leaves.

Isla Owen, Head of brand at Adelie Foods, said: “Our seasonal specials continue to prove a huge hit with consumers and we’ve bolstered the range this autumn with the vegetarian Squash’d option, which will appeal to the growing number of shoppers looking for meat-free lunchtime products.

“With both products on a limited-edition run, we think that their comforting flavours will prove a hit with shoppers and offer something different for the sandwich market.

“When it comes to sandwiches, we know that shoppers want a product that delivers on taste and quality, from a brand they know they can trust. In addition to the limited edition launch, our Urban eat range contains delicious sandwiches and wraps in a variety of classic and modern world-inspired flavours.”