Vimto is launching its Vimto Remix sub-brand with a new recipe. The flavour is a mixture of three fruits, ‘Mango, Strawberry & Pineapple’, and will be available in the impulse channel from April.

The range includes a 500ml fizzy £1 PMP format, a new sleek can in both 55p PMP and plain pack option as well as a 500ml still in both £1 PMP and plain pack.

“We’re really excited to see Vimto Remix hitting the convenience retailers’ shelves in April,” said Vicky Marsden, Vimto senior brand manager. “We carried out extensive research prior to introducing the new Remix range that demonstrated teenagers’ and parents’ enthusiasm to try new flavour combinations and more indescribable Vimto tastes. Based on this feedback we saw Vimto Remix as a natural step for our Seriously Mixed Up Fruit brand.

“What’s more, we will introduce a new slimmer and taller can format that will give the Vimto Remix sub-brand huge stand-out on-shelf. Retailers that stock the sleek can will also see the added benefit of saving precious shelf space.

“We know that shoppers who buy Vimto Original are likely to buy other flavours too in order to satisfy their taste for variety. We’re confident the Vimto Remix range will provide the additional choice that existing Vimto fans are looking for, and entice new consumers to try the brand. With this in mind, we encourage retailers to stock up on the new range now.”

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