Westlers Frankfurters will be offering a first-taste of its soon-to-launch Fiery Frankfurter to visitors to the Casual Dining show, at the Business Design Centre London from 22nd-23rd February 2017.

The product has been developed following findings from the brand’s recently launched Hot Dog Report which showed that there is demand from retailers and consumers for more exotic flavoured products. In the report, 54% of caterers surveyed saying it would be important to have new varieties of hot dogs on offer, such as spiced sausages.

Robert Burns, marketing controller at Westlers, said: “We are really looking forward to launching our new and exciting Fiery Frankfurter at the Casual Dining show. This product has been developed with caterers in mind to enhance their offering and we welcome all feedback from potential customers.

“The Hot Dog Report focused on the shift in foodservice trends, with quality, show-stopping products at the top of the list. Our 90% pork content, naturally Beechwood smoked frankfurters allow caterers to offer their customers a high quality, industry-leading product. While the Fiery Frankfurter will position menus as trend-leading and will appeal to the young, male demographic that traditionally favours hot dog options.”

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