AG Barr is aiming to help retailers to make the most of the growth of its Barr range with the launch of a new, special edition variant, Barr Tropicoola, a tropical drink developed especially for the summer.

“Barr consumers have always looked to the range for new and exciting flavours,” says Adrian Troy, head of marketing for AG Barr. “Barr has a strong track record of delivering incredibly successful NPD: our Bubblegum flavour, for example, was the fastest selling 330ml Flavoured Carbonate in the impulse market in the four weeks following its launch in July 2013 and has sold over 14 million packs to date.

“Barr’s core shoppers trust the range to deliver fun, innovative variants at great value – and Barr Tropicoola will be no exception.”

The launch will be supported by digital and consumer activity throughout June.

“Summer is a key sales period and retailers should ensure that their chiller is well stocked with a good range of soft drinks to offer shopper choice,” says Troy. “Barr Tropicoola, with its eye-catching, colourful product and packaging, will add something new and exciting to the fixture and drive footfall. Retailers should ensure that they display this product prominently to maximise the sales opportunity’.

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