Radnor Hills is introducing a range of Natural Energy Waters with natural caffeine and zero sugar.

The company set about creating the ultimate energy water - hence Radnor Plus Energy is designed to give a convenient energy boost without having a sugar crash - at just five calories per 500ml bottle.

The new lightly sparkling range is naturally boosted with B vitamins to help release energy as well as containing 70mg of natural caffeine per serving which is around the same kick as a cup of coffee but with the added advantage of hydration too.

Radnor Hills has been bottling spring water on its family-owned and run site in Powys, mid-Wales for over 25 years and the vast majority of the products are made using its own spring water and are all bottled at source. 

The new water products are available in two flavours: Lemon & Lime and Cranberry & Raspberry.

The new range is specifically designed for the convenience, grab and go sector offering on-the-go energy,