FT Red Bull Air Mail campaign 4-pack

Red Bull has launched its latest campaign, Red Bull Air Mail, an on-pack promotion featuring on Red Bull Energy Drink 250ml 4-packs from October in the impulse channel, launching to wider grocery in November.

Red Bull Air Mail can be found in-store via the limited-edition sleeve on Red Bull Energy Drink 250ml 4-packs. Once opened, the inside of the pack will become a postcard to sample a friend or family member, who can then enter a code online to redeem a 4-pack for themselves to get them through a busy week.

Red Bull is aiming to drive a better understanding of Red Bull for multiple moments of need, identifying its four key moments of need as Sports & Fitness, Work & Study, Socialising, and Travel occasions.

Supported by an extensive in-store and digital marketing campaign, Red Bull Air Mail aims to leverage existing users to drive new multipack users, as well as maintaining 4-pack distribution and rate of sale in the impulse and grocery channel, which in turn will contribute to the overall growth of the Sports & Energy Category.