Tobacco accessories specialist Republic Technologies (UK) is launching what it describes as its biggest ever NPD programme with the introduction of six new filters from the Swan brand.

The new product rollout comprises a carbon paper filter for enhanced filtration, a Swan Long Extra Slim Filter (50% longer than standard), a filter billed as the most environmentally friendly filter in the UK market, and three menthol products, including two crushball filters.

“As increasing numbers of smokers are turning to roll your own, we’re developing a wider range of products for improved customer choice, enabling retailers to capitalise on the strong performance of the accessories category and to take advantage of the margin opportunities offered by Swan, the UK’s best-selling filter brand,” said Gavin Anderson, general sales mnager, Republic Technologies (UK) Ltd.

“The range of six new, high margin SKUs provides both more environmentally friendly filters and filters which reduce the amount of tobacco required to roll your own and offers menthol customers an increased choice of flavour.”

Suggested RRPs for the new products range from £1.03 for the Swan Long Extra Slim Filters (80 per box) to £1.39 for the Swan Eco Loose filters (200 per box).

“At a time when increasing numbers of smokers are looking at alternatives to factory made cigarettes, and the emerging vaping sector is still under some scrutiny, carefully considered new product development of this kind enables retailers to provide the solutions, options and quality reassurance which rising numbers of smokers are seeking,” adds Anderson.

“We’re confident that the introduction of six new filters from the iconic Swan brand will contribute to the sustained value growth of the tobacco accessories category in the future.”