British American Tobacco has launched Pall Mall RYO 20g with papers in pack. The move is designed to strengthen existing market share and is also expected to drive more sales for the RYO brand, which the company says is currently at number eight in RYO’s top 10 brands (Nielsen YTD April 2014).

“Pall Mall RYO is BAT’s price fighter,” said Fiona Biggs, Pall Mall brand executive. “We’ve already provided wholesalers and retailers the opportunity to deliver their customers the lowest-priced 10g in the market. Sales of Pall Mall are trending up, and our message is to stock up and sell more, more often this summer.”

“Adult smokers are looking for great value. Tobacco retailers are looking for a strong return. And, growth in the 20g – 25g segment is driven by papers in pouch offerings,” said Biggs. “So when we were considering ways to upgrade Pall Mall 20g we decided to offer an upgrade that would give wholesalers and retailers more of an opportunity to cash-in on this growth phenomenon. We’re now offering papers in 20g packs at the best price in this segment. We’re encouraged by the feedback we’ve had from the retailers we’ve spoken to so far.”

"We’re advising wholesalers and cash-and-carry stores to stock more now to reduce out-of-stocks and lost sales.” Said Head of National Accounts, Rory Cotter.