British American Tobacco (BAT) is launching two Pall Mall limited edition packs with designs intended to emphasise the brand’s character and enhance capsule awareness for the range.

“Pall Mall has always been known as the innovator in our portfolio,” said Pall Mall brand executive, Carla-Maria Streit. “As the UK’s number one capsule range, we’ve added new printed film designs without making any changes to the product or price. We’re really pleased with the designs and believe our adult consumers will be too.”

“Pall Mall is central to BAT’s core MOR£ Together programme,” she added. “We’re making it easier for retailers to stock up and sell by keeping the brand relevant—that means they’ll have more opportunity to benefit through our MOR£ programme too.”

The Pall Mall limited edition packs will be launched across the UK beginning in early August for one month only. The packs will be available in price marked packs, at £6.49 for a pack of 19 and are also available in non-price marked packs in packs of 10s and 19s.

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