Mars Chocolate Drinks and Treats has extended its 350ml milk drinks range, with the introduction of Skittles Wild Berry.

Wild Berry is the latest product from best-selling singles brand Skittles confectionery, and, said Michelle Frost, general manager for Mars Chocolate Drinks & Treats, is pumped full of mouth-watering berry flavours.

The bright purple packaging has been designed to stand-out on shelf and to mirror the popular confectionery brand, and she said the on-the-go cap also makes these drinks perfect for impulse and on the move.

While the products are presented in the chiller, they are actually ambient so handling them is simplified.

“This new flavour offers the category something fresh and exciting for summer,” said Frost.

“We believe that the introduction of this innovative new flavour will further add to the category’s 21% growth. Our innovative flavours and packaging stand out on shelf, and inject innovation and fun, enticing new consumers into the category.”