I’ve been looking out for new products and, lo and behold, several dropped right in my lap.

I don’t know if you’re familiar with the Gü range of desserts but they are fabulous really decadent. My local Sainsbury is selling a great range of individual Gü snacks and desserts from its food-to-go chiller, which I think forecourts should stock too.

There’s the Gü single brownie made from 50% cocoa and pecan nuts. It’s quite simply the best brownie I’ve ever tasted and I’ve tasted a fair few! At Sainsbury the 60g size retails at £1 but you’d get more money for one in a forecourt. Similarly there’s a Gü carrot cake snack also simply delicious.

But also available are single desserts in pots complete with spoons. There’s the Gü single chocolate mousse as well as the Gü passionfruit pot. This contains "zingy" passionfruit curd and Greek yogurt mousse. Yum. Both retail in Sainsbury’s for £1.19. I’d hunt them out if I were you and see what you think. If you’ve got some discerning customers I reckon they’d love them.

For something more mainstream that’s going to be up a lot of people’s streets, there’s Nestlé’s new limited edition My Purple Bar. Yes, the purple sweet from Quality Street that morphed into The Purple One is now available in a bar. Four purple sweets have been stuck together to make the bar, which retails at 65p.

The packaging is quite striking as it plays on the heritage of the Quality Street brand, which is 75 years old this year. Expect them to fly off your shelves.

Finally, to my favourite new product of the moment. It might not be quite right for your store but I always think it’s worth keeping up with what’s coming out.

Firstly the background. I have three cats, a dog and a husband so I have a pretty good nose for smells!  For this reason I can’t wait to try out Air Wick’s new Odour Detect, which is described as having air care’s first ’electronic’ nose. Apparently this ’nose’ can actually detect changes in the atmosphere and activate automatically, "banishing bad smells and giving consumers total confidence that their home smells sweet and fresh all the time". Interestingly, it employs the same technology as that used in BMWs and Mercedes.

Now I can’t afford one of those but hopefully I can afford the ’electronic nose’.