Every once in a while, along comes a new product that has your name written all over it. For me that new product is Cadbury Twirl Bites. You see I love chocolate and I particularly love Twirl like a Flake only less messy. So the idea of tiny pieces of Twirl all together in a big bag is heavenly to me. They come in a 165g bag and I paid £1.99 for mine. They are simply gorgeous. The only downside is when you’ve nearly eaten the whole bag and you notice the ’Be treatwise’ message. This tells you (after you’ve eaten three-quarters of the bag) that there are 220 calories per quarter bag! D’oh! But who on earth could get away with eating only a quarter of a bag? Anyway, in an attempt to distract myself from my 660-calorie intake, I read more of the messages on the bag. One intrigued me. It said: "Product may suffer some scuffing in transit". What on earth is that all about I thought, until I saw the product picture on the front of the pack. It showed smooth Twirl Bites whereas what was inside my bag were more like dull little chocolate lumps it seems my bag had undergone a lot of ’scuffing’. Anyway I don’t think the people at Cadbury need worry Twirl fans will be too busy scoffing the Bites to worry about scuffing.

I may have a very sweet tooth but I do like my sweet and savouries separate so no sweet ’n’ sour for me. With this in mind, I tried Levi Roots’ BBQ Chicken with Sunshine Rice ready meal with some trepidation. The picture on the sleeve looked good but it was the description of ’chicken, onions, chillies and allspice smothered in a sweet and smoky BBQ sauce’ that concerned me. I love spice but was worried about the mention of the word ’sweet’ in a savoury dish. I’m happy to report my fears were unfounded and this dish was delish! Big chunks of chicken in a wonderful sauce with rice on the side great stuff.

Sticking with spicy, Walkers Sensations Mexican fiery sweet chipotle crisps are sensational. I must confess that I’ve not been a big fan of Sensations up until now but this flavour is great. It’s bang on trend as more and more consumers are seeking out spicy foods. However, like the Twirl Bites, it should come with a high-calorie warning. The 150g bags contain 755 calories and the crisps are so moreish you could easily chomp your way through a bag you’ve been warned!