The world and his wife are running on-pack promotions. Many are billed as ’instant wins’. For me that means that as soon as you open the wrapper, you know that you’ve won. No, I don’t expect a massive fanfare (though that would be nice) but instead a message inside that screams ’WINNER’ or, more often, ’SORRY you have not won this time’. However, more and more the so-called ’instant’ win means texting or even logging onto the internet. And, although I have the requisite iPhone and iPad, I simply can’t be bothered. ’You’re too old’, I hear you cry (and thanks for that) but I bet even techno-savvy youngsters who are plugged into the internet 24/7 can’t always be bothered to check to see if they’ve won.

But it seems Nestlé has the answer to people who can’t be bothered to partake in promotions. The confectionery company’s latest promotion is called ’We Will Find You’.

When I first read the title, I must admit I did think it was one of those edge-of-the-seat Hollywood chase thrillers when, in fact, it’s a choccie promotion.

So, instead of you checking to see if you’ve won, Nestlé is using GPS technology to track down the winners. Ingenious!

But, I thought, what if the winner did not want to be found? What if they were on a strict diet, for example, and were chomping on a KitKat Chunky in secret and did not want to be found out?

Or what if they were indulging in an Aero Peppermint in the bath, when a Nestlé agent dressed SAS style, crashed in through the window to tell them they’d won?

Actually, my imagination has got the better of me and, on further inspection, I realise you have to ’pull a tab’ to activate the promotion. So you can do it at your leisure then wait for the prize team to leap into action they’ll be with you within 24 hours. And the prizes are worth it six top prizes of £10,000. I’m impressed because, providing everybody who buys one of the promoted choccie bars ’pulls their tab’, the six prizes will be won.

Nestlé says this promotion has been particularly designed to attract men to the chocolate singles category.

The three bars that feature the activity (KitKat, Aero peppermint medium and Yorkie milk) are particularly popular with men, and as men make up the majority of your customers, I’d suggest that you stock up now!