Have you tried a Cronut? If not, what about a Duffin or a Yumdough? If you don’t know what on earth I’m talking about, don’t worry you’re not alone.

These are the latest bakery hybrids. In the dog world you’ve got your labradoodle and your cockerpoo, while in the bakery world there’s the croissant crossed with the doughnut the Cronut; the doughnut blended with a muffin the Duffin; and the yum yum crossed with a doughnut the Yumdough.

Yes, they are all a bit faddy but what about cupcakes? They’re still with us after a number of years so maybe so will Cronut-type treats.

According to the fount of all knowledge that is Wikipedia, the Cronut was invented by Dominique Ansel in New York in May, and his bakery has trademarked the name. Apparently it’s made using a special dough rather than simply frying croissant dough.

And, inspired by the New York Cronut, Greggs The Bakers launched the Greggsnut over here, but it’s only available in London for a limited time. Greggs says theirs are made from "layer upon layer of soft, light pastry" like a Yum Yum. And cheap they’re not at £1.25 a pop. Meanwhile, Waitrose’s Yumdoughs sell at £1.49.

Now, I love a doughnut but I have not tried any of these delights yet.

Like many food items, doughnuts vary greatly even with their spelling. Do you sell doughnuts or donuts?

I expect a lot of you offer ’thaw and serve’ doughnuts. I’ve tried a few of these in my time and some are fine but others are downright nasty.

My faves have got to be Krispy Kremes I don’t know what they put in them but boy are they good. They’re still quite hard to come by over here but you can get them at WH Smith outlets at motorway service stations. Again they’re expensive but in my humble opinion they’re worth it.

My point about all of this is, just because you might not have a sweet tooth and wouldn’t dream of paying £1-plus for what is little more than a cake, doesn’t mean your customers won’t. So if your baked goods supplier offers you something new, I’d say try it. The original Cronut from New York was in such demand that it spawned a black market where the treats were sold for $100 a go. So there’s money to be made in this market!